Princess Loses Her Virginity


  “Princess losing her virginity” Daddy taunted with a low whisper in my ear, as he pushed his cock into my tight pink pussy. My step daddy loves playing with me! It’s my 18th birthday and my step- dad Charlie said he had a big present that he has been waiting to give me. I didn’t realize he meant his big dick! He is at least 9 inches thick, with a big mushroom head. He wanted me on my belly. I can’t really say I was ready for what happened next! He lubed up his cock after having a mouthful of my little round ass. His mouth covered my body from head to toe. He kept telling me how I was much prettier, and sexier than my mom. Slowly I felt his finger go into my ass. I didn’t know what to expect. I was as still as water! 

I wanted to scream out, but instead I bit my lip and tried to focus on my breath. He moved nice and slow! I felt him licking my asshole, and spreading my legs open. He began to eat out my pussy from behind. I can feel his tongue tickling my clit. I got really warm and wet on his lips. Before I knew it I was on my back with him deep in me. Thrusting harder and harder. I felt pressure in my belly. I couldn’t help but moan loudly. He told me how he wanted to breed my pussy. At that moment I felt a hot gush of his cum go inside me. He looked into eyes and said we will do this again soon Princess! 

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