Probed By The Specimen In Science Class – Part I

Aliyah ran into her first period Biology classroom just as the bell was ringing but to her surprise, the room was empty.  Only the faint purple-pink glow of the octopus tank lit the space.

She looked around confused, walking up and down the row of empty desks.  “Where could everyone be?” she thought. 

Movement caught her attention out of the corner of her eye.  The hair on the back of her neck started to stick up.  An eerie feeling swept over her and she felt as if she were in some kind of horror movie.

Quickly glancing backwards, she noticed the tank was empty.  Where could the octopus have gone? 

A cold, wetness started to move across the top of her foot and wrap around her ankle.  She shuddered but before fully registering what was happening, she was knocked backwards off her feet and was being dragged to the front of the classroom.  Despite her screams of protest, her body was pulled up onto the front lab table used for demonstrations by the teacher.  She felt the tentacle legs of the octopus start to bind her ankles and wrists, leaving her in a vulnerable star-shaped position across the large table.

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