Probed By The Specimen In Science Class – Part II

“What do you want with me,” she asked struggling against the sliminess.  Mockingly, the tentacles further tightened their grip.  Lifting her head slightly, Aliyah was able to see a few of the boys from her class in the hallway.

“Hey!”  She screamed

The boys continued with their conversation, as if not hearing her.

She tried again even louder, “Help!!”

One of the boys seemed to hear this time and began nudging the others.  Peering through the window of the door, they saw Aliyah’s skirt hiked up her spread legs and bald pussy on display for all to see.  The boys began salivating at the spectacle. 

Opening the door, four of her classmates entered the room.  Only momentarily relieved, she quickly realized by looking at the bulges in their pants, they were not there to help.

The boys began encircling her restrained body and unzipping their pants.  Seeing how excited the boys were, the octopus was intent to put on a good show for the young lads.

It began to move its free remaining tentacles across the girl’s body.  Her blouse was ripped open and buttons went flying across the room.  The tentacles began to move across her flat stomach and around her sizable breasts and forced its way into her mouth.

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