Probed By The Specimen In Science Class – Part III

Upon seeing this, the boys really began to groan with excitement.  The octopus pushed its tentacle more rapidly in and out, forcing Aliyah to take more.  She began gagging and choking at this foreign violation.

Two new tentacles started to creep up her inner thighs.  The boys could see her body start to quiver reflexively with this new added sensation. 

They moved around to watch the tentacles spread her legs even wider apart.  Wetness began oozing down her thighs expectantly, anticipating what would come.

While teasing her clit, the octopus began sliding the other tentacle into her tight slit.  Her head moved back involuntarily and her back began arching further off the table. 

Watching her, one boy could not hold back anymore and shot his load all over her legs.  Seeing this, the octopus took its tentacle out of her mouth, scooped up the boys cum load and fed it to her. 

Seeing this, two more boys shot their loads all over her tits.  The octopus began increasing its thrusts into her until it squirted its thick ink all inside her.  The load was so big, it oozed out while its tentacle was still inside her. 

The final boy was so excited at this, he began licking up the mess from her pussy.  Aliyah started squirming more at this and her moans increased from feeling the tentacle inside her and the boy’s quick wisps of his tongue. 

Seeing how excited she was, he then shot his load all on her inner thighs.  Her body was glistening with the boys cum and spots of the octupus’ ink. 

Quickly zipping up, the boys ran out of the classroom before they would get caught.  The octopus receded its tentacles slowly and started to slide back into its tank. 

Aliyah lay breathless and exhausted from the new levels of pleasure she just experienced.

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