Punishment for Being Late Means Humiliation in Front of Coworkers

Aliyah had always struggled with punctuality.  She tried her best to be on time but somehow, she always ended up being a few minutes late.  It wasn’t intentional, but it became a habit that her coworkers and boss were all too familiar.

After being late one too many times this year, Aliyah’s boss had finally had enough.  As punishment, he decided to make her be a part of the end-of-year party.  She was to be the centerpiece of the party, quite literally.

Aliyah’s heart sank as she heard her boss announce her punishment to the entire office.  She had been dreading this moment since the day she received her final warning for being late.  Now, she would have to face the embarrassment and humiliation of being the focal point in such a degrading way.

The day of the party arrived, Aliyah could feel her nerves churning inside her stomach.  Standing in the center of the room was a large table covered in a white cloth.

Her boss approached her with a smirk on his face and explained that she would have to lie down on the table completely naked and remain still throughout the party.  Aliyah’s heart raced as she complied, laying down and feeling the cold surface against her skin.

One by one, the caterers covered her body with appetizers. Her coworkers finally entered the room and were invited to take their choice of foods.
The party continued, and Aliyah could feel the food being eaten off of her body.  It was a strange sensation of humiliation and arousal, especially when the guys would have their fingers and tongues lingering a bit too long on her bare flesh.

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