Queen Of The Underworld

Meira was no ordinary Queen.  She ruled over the underworld, a dark and dangerous realm filled with creatures of the night.  She was feared and respected by all who lived there, for she was none other than the powerful Queen of the Underworld.

power extended far beyond the underworld and into the mortal world.  As Queen, she had the ability to cross over to the human realm and do as she pleased to any of the boys she desired.

As soon as Meira laid her eyes on a young man who caught her fancy, she would make her way to the mortal world, disguised as a beautiful seductress.  She would use her charm and magic to lure the poor unsuspecting boy into her domain and have her way with him.

Once there, Meira would show her true form, a dark and alluring beauty, and the boy would be captivated by her.  She would then take him on an adventure through the underworld, showing him the wonders and horrors of her kingdom.  The boy would be in awe of her, completely under her spell.

The boys would always be willingly to give her everything she wanted, for they wanted to appease the Queen.

Meira would take great pleasure in playing with the boys, using them for her own entertainment and desires.  She would bathe in their adoration and bask in their admiration.  When she was done with them, she would send them back to the mortal world, their minds filled with memories of their encounter with the queen of the underworld.

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