Red Beans and Rice for a Thicker Ass


  Red beans and rice for a thicker ass my man keeps telling me as he packs my lunch as I’m running out the door. I’m Londyn and my man loves my curves. Something about my big, fat, juicy, chocolate ass makes this man salivate simply by me walking past him.  He loves to watch me eat, and rub his cock against my thighs to test my thickness. He’s a massive pervert. But I love It! Rodger is tall, dark and handsome packing 10 inches. I know what he likes! Trust me I give it to him and more. Finding him lying on the bed when I got home, his mouth open literally screaming for a taste. I walk towards him after slipping into the black fishnet body suit he loves so much. I begin to ride Rodger’s face. 

Squash! Is the sound my hot ass makes as I smoosh him with these sexy, thick, cheeks. Rubbing my ass hole on his nose, then on his tongue. I can feel his wet mouth playing inside of me. He begins to snap my bodysuit with a hungry mouth. My full bare ass engulfs his face. I can feel his hands wrapping around my thighs as his face pressed further into the crevices of my body. Up and down I bounce on his face, making my ass shake and jiggle just the way he likes it. Slapping my big ass as it bounces, I can see how hard he is for me. “Squash! Me with that ass girl! ” he yells as I continue to bounce. He loves the way my ass smells, and tastes.  I place my hands on his cock and stroke. He moaned! I know we are going to be here all night. Yum!

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