Roxy and Rico’s Cross Dressing Adventure

Waking from a sensual dream about cross dressing, Rico yawned, stretching his long, slender arms above his head. He glanced over at his best friend, Roxy, who was fast asleep in her tiny panties, her long hair streaming across the pillow. Rico couldn’t help but feel a twinge of envy as he looked at her. She was so beautiful, so effortlessly sexy.

Rico had always known that he was different from other boys. He hated sports, he preferred dressing in frilly clothes, and he secretly fantasized about wearing women’s lingerie. He’d never told anyone about these feelings, not even Roxy. But recently, he’d been thinking more and more about exploring this side of himself, and he knew there was only one person he could trust to help him.

Slowly, he slipped out of bed, careful not to wake Roxy. He padded over to her dresser, his heart racing with anticipation. Roxy had an amazing collection of lingerie, and Rico couldn’t wait to try some of it on. He began rummaging through the drawers, running his fingers over the silky fabrics and lacy trim, feeling a thrill course through him with each new discovery. Finally, he found a pair of black lace boyshorts that looked absolutely perfect for his tight little ass. He held them up to the mirror, admiring the way they hugged his curves and accentuated his feminine figure.

With a smile, he turned around, ready to show Roxy his newfound confidence. But when he turned back to the mirror, he froze. There was a figure standing in the doorway, watching him. It was Roxy. Her huge eyes were wide, and her cheeks flushed. For a moment, Rico was sure she was going to be mad at him. But then she broke into a knowing smile, and said, “Rico, you look so beautiful. I’m so proud of you for being true to yourself. I’ve always known you were a girl trapped in a boy’s body, and I want to help you explore cross dressing. Let’s go find you some sexy lingerie that fits your beautiful body.”

Roxy reached out and took Rico’s hand. Together, they searched through Roxy’s extensive lingerie collection until they found a few pieces that they both thought would look perfect on Rico. They tried on a strapless bra and matching panties, a silky chemise, and a pair of lacy thigh-high stockings. Rico felt like a beautiful cross dressing slut in each piece, and he couldn’t help but strut around the room, feeling more confident and erotic than ever before. 

Starting that day Roxy tutored Rico, making him her cross dressing protege. Rico was a natural. They spent endless days trying on lingerie and discussing their love of cock. They experimented with makeup and did each other’s hair, laughing and teasing each other the whole time. Before long, Rico felt like he’d discovered a slutty new cross dressing side of himself, and he knew that he would never be alone again. He had Roxy by his side, and together, they could conquer the world and all the cocks in it.

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