Roxy’s Young Friend & The Glory Hole

When Roxy found the sweet young thing wandering around with her big eyes full of tears, she was on her way to the glory hole at the adult bookstore. She was out searching for unwitting prey when this delicious tender morsel fell right into her slender and sexy lap.

Roxy couldn’t believe her luck when she leaned down on level with the precious treasure and drank her in. She had enormous dark eyes and honey-colored curls halfway down her tiny back. Her dress was at least a size too small for her frame and her once white socks ended well below her knees. 

Roxy took her hand and started walking, pondering this prize she had in her grips. She considered turning around but decided to continue to the glory hole while her deviant mind worked out the small details. 

Any issues with how to get her new little friend inside the glory hole were put to rest when she saw that no one was manning the entrance when they arrived. The sleazy attendant must have passed out somewhere or maybe he was jacking it in the backroom. Roxy took the opportunity to snatch a sweet little lingerie set for her sexy new pal. 

They slipped into the glory hole booth. Roxy brought a finger to her succulent lips, imploring quiet and set to getting her young friend dressed in the lingerie set. It was a bit big on her, but with a few minor adjustments, it showed off all her best assets. She left the dirty white knee socks on because they just looked too perfect

Roxy placed her on her knees and whispered into her ear about what was coming. When a fat cock poked through the hole, her eyes lit up and Roxy didn’t hesitate before pushing her head forward. Tentatively at first, she started to lick and suck while Roxy whispered words of encouragement in her wee ear. Before long that cock blew in her small mouth and Roxy told her quietly to gulp it down. What a creamy treat, and there was plenty more where that came from!

For the rest of the night, Roxy coaxed her new little friend to slurp on every fat and veiny prick that poked its precum-bubble laden head through that gloryhole. She even showed that newly dirty darling how to open her throat and let those freaky fuck sticks slide as far down her esophagus as they could without making her gag too much. But gag, she did. And wimper and cry. It only took an hour or so for her uneasy squeals and whining to turn into pleasure filled chirps and moaning, for hot tears of pain and fear to turn into tears of joy.

Cock after rock hard, random cock, load after thick and frothy load, Roxy turned that young and pretty, stray little lost girl into a cum hungry mystery pole pleaser. When they were done, she was excited to learn more, and Roxy was more than happy to teach her.

See what else Roxy has in store for her new friend!

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