Seducing Men To Suck Their Blood

Meira had always been fascinated by blood.  The way it flowed through the body, keeping it alive and sustaining it was nothing short of remarkable; but what intrigued her the most was the taste of it.

As a child, Meira’s parents had tried to discourage her curiosity, but it was futile.  She would sneak into the kitchen and steal a raw hamburger patty just so she could suck on it until it was dry.  Her parents were horrified, but Meira couldn’t help herself.  The metallic tang of blood was like nectar to her.

As she grew older, her thirst for blood only intensified.  She would purposely cut herself, just to get a taste.  Strangely, it didn’t disgust her like it would a normal person.  In fact, it gave her a sense of satisfaction.

Meira always thought there was something wrong with her, until she stumbled upon a group of vampires.  They accepted her with open arms and explained to her that she was one of them.  It was as if a missing piece of her puzzle had been found.

The coven taught her how to control her urges and hunt for her prey, all while living amongst humans.  Meira was grateful for their guidance and she quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the top predators in the coven.

But even with their teachings, Meira’s desire for blood was insatiable.  She couldn’t get enough of it.  She would often sneak away from the coven, seduce unsuspecting men, only to feed on them while under her spell.  They were powerless to resist her charm. 

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