Sexy Kidnapping Roleplay

Aliyah had never experienced such a wild fantasy before and the anticipation coursed through her veins.  She had never gone this far in a roleplay but something about this captivated her and she was more than ready.

She had gone over the scenario with her Dominant beforehand.  He had a safe-word for her just in case it got too overwhelming and she was excited to dive into this experience.  She wanted to feel the thrill of being taken against her will and explore her boundaries.

The plans were set.  Aliyah had to be on the rooftop of the building at 8 PM.  She knew that would be the last time she was seen as herself until morning.  In the meantime, her Dominant had all the arrangements for her kidnapping and she felt her heart pounding with excitement.

Aliyah arrived at the designated spot, wearing the outfit her Dom had picked for her.  She waited in suspense until she felt his hands grab her from behind.  She was bound and gagged.  Her kicking and fighting only heightened the excitement. 

After being thrown in the back of the car and taken to a deserted field.  Untying her, he softly kissed her to make sure she was okay.  They had the best sex ever in the abandoned field. 

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