Sherri’s Hot Fuck !


  Sherri’s Hot Fuck! The cute guy said as I walked past him with a big smile on my face leaving the bathroom. I went to a dance club with some friends on a random Saturday night. It was nowhere I’ve ever been before. It was called ” Kandies”. Once inside I noticed all the beautiful people there. Everyone had their clothes off while in the club. It was a club for nudists. I wasn’t aware but loved it since I personally would rather be naked all the time. I took off my dress and walked around completely naked except for my black 6 inch heels and a smile. That’s all I needed! I saw her for the first time on the dance floor. This beautiful curvy blonde, completely naked! Other than the cherry red lipstick she had stained on her lips and some high heels.

I walked up to her and we began dancing together. “I’m Sherri” she said as we grinded our bodies against one another to the music. After a while playing on the dance floor, she grabbed my hand and walked off with me. We walked into the bathroom at the back of the club. She locked the door behind us and kissed me. She tasted sweet. She kissed my neck and kept her naked body pressed against me. Mmm! I felt the heat of her pussy against mine. My tongue went into her mouth as she squeezed my breast. I put my mouth to her breast sucking her nipples. They were so hard and sexy. I felt her stick her two fingers in my pussy, finger fucking me as I moaned. She led me to the bathroom sink where I sat. I spread my legs. 

Sherri And Her Cherries!

      Sherri ate my pussy until I squirted all in her mouth . She kissed my lips with my juice still on her mouth and she said “you taste like cherries”. She sent me a selfie later that night, telling me to call her. I can’t wait to have her lick me again. I know how much she loves cherries! 

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