Showing You How To Be A Good Sissy – Part II

If John disobeyed Meira’s orders, he would find himself restrained and flogged. Meira had a wide array of tools and techniques to make John’s punishment both painful and pleasurable. For her, it was all about pushing John’s limits.

Despite the fear of punishment, John still couldn’t resist the urge to disobey Meira’s wishes. He thought he could get away with it, that maybe Meira wouldn’t notice. But she always did.

One day, Meira had spent hours carefully choosing the perfect outfit for John. It was a short, frilly dress with a matching pair of heels and a set of delicate pearl earrings. She had been looking forward to seeing John in this outfit all day, but to her disappointment, John refused to put it on.

Meira’s patience had finally run out. She wasted no time in restraining John and giving him the punishment he deserved. She started with a light flogging, her favorite leather whip leaving red marks on John’s skin. But as she got more and more into it, Meira couldn’t resist the urge to use some of her other tools – a crop, a paddle, and even some nipple clamps.

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