Showing You How To Be A Good Sissy – Part III

She put a leather hood over his head as she continued his punishment through sensory deprivation and breath play.  As John writhed under her touch, Meira knew he was enjoying this as much as she was in administering the punishment. 

Eventually, Meira’s punishment came to an end, and she released John from his restraints. He lay on the floor, his body trembling from the pain and pleasure that Meira had inflicted upon him. She tended to his wounds and held him, lightly stroking his back.  Small whimpers escaped his lips as he relaxed into her arms.  She liked how cared for he felt in these moments after their play sessions.  He needed these soft, tender moments of intimacy to balance out the extremes of his life.

He thanked her after playtime was over and he said how much he was looking forward to what was planned for the next scene.

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