St. Andrew’s Cross

Aliyah had been fascinated with the world of BDSM ever since she had discovered it but her experience so far had only been from behind a screen.  She was nervous but excited as she entered the dungeon, not expecting she would be so quickly fastened to the St. Andrew’s cross.

The room filled with silence as the whip began to make contact with her skin for the first time.  It was a sharp sensation but it sent a shiver through her body as her hormones surged and her desire rose.  She could feel her nipples hardening and a sudden sense of arousal coursing through her veins.

As the whip came down again and again, the sensation transforming into a kind of pleasure Aliyah had never experienced before.  As each crack of the whip made contact with her flesh, she felt her anxiety melting away, replaced with a heady sense of liberation.

As the session ended, Aliyah felt elated.  For the first time in her life, she felt free and powerful.  The St. Andrew’s cross had become Aliyah’s gateway into uncharted depths of sensuality.

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