Stretching Her Ass for Her Master

Aliyah had never been so exposed and vulnerable before in her life.  Her ass was in the air as commanded by her Master, while he was fitting her with different objects to stretch her.  She felt the various objects being inserted inside.  Each filling her up to the point of no return, her skin and muscles pushed beyond their limits.

Aliyah clenched her fists, trying not to scream out loud or cry, knowing that if she did she would be reprimanded harshly.  To her surprise though, she actually started to enjoy the feeling of the objects stretching her, and soon, she started to savour the sensation of being stretched and filled.

Every object that was inserted just seemed to add to the pleasure as her arousal grew.  After what seemed like an eternity, the master was finally done and he left her alone in the room still with her ass in the air.

Aliyah remained in that position, enjoying the feeling and flexing the muscle that had just been stretched.  For the first time, Aliyah realized how powerful and strong her body was and she was thankful to her Master for introducing her to this newfound pleasure.  He then demanded his ass be eaten for her to show her gratitude.  She complied with great pleasure.

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