Submissive Initiation

Laila was a well-known Dominatrix in her community.  She specialized in providing pleasure to her clients, both in person and on the web.  She had been quite successful in her trade, and she had a steady following of devoted submissives.

One night, she hosted a party for a few of her friends.  Laila had one particular submissive she wanted to initiate that night, so she gave him a special job to do.  She instructed him to be the entertainment at the party and told him to service all her guests as part of his initiation.

The submissive was hesitant at first.  He had never been placed in such a situation before and was worried he would not be able to please all the guests.  Laila assured him she would be watching him to make sure he didn’t mess up and give instructions, if necessary.

As the night progressed, the submissive grew more and more confident in his role.  He made sure each guest had at least one giant orgasm, if not multiple.  Each guest left with a huge smile on their face.

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