Submissives Just Want to Have Fun

Aliyah had never had much luck in dating.  She always seemed to attract men who wanted her to be someone she wasn’t — a Domme, not a submissive. She was too shy to be upfront with them about her true desires, and it seemed that her fate was always to be stuck in the wrong kind of unfulfilling relationships.

Desperate for a change, she began making her needs obvious to those courting her.  She started to signal things by certain outfit and jewelry choices that were a signal to Dominants. 

Her strategy paid off.  Despite submissives still approaching her, after a few weeks, she finally met a man who wanted her for who she really was rather than who he wished she could be – and with him, Aliyah was able to be herself and explore the submissive side she longed to release.  It wasn’t just the sexual side of the lifestyle, it was being able to check her cares and worries at the door and allow for someone else, someone whom she trusted, to make the decisions for her.

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