Sucking Her Boss to Keep Her Job

Aliyah was nervous as she entered her boss’s office.  She had received an email informing her that she was going to be fired.  She had worked at the company for years and couldn’t bear to lose the job.

When she got to his office, her boss informed her that she could keep her job, but only if she did a favor for him.  She was puzzled at first, not sure what he meant.  He then started to unzip his fly and take his cock out.  He said that if she put her pretty lips on his cock and swallowed his load, she could keep her job. 

Aliyah was horrified at his suggestion.  She knew that doing the favor would mean sacrificing her self-respect and could get her fired if anyone else found out.  Nevertheless, feeling that she had no other choice, she reluctantly agreed to do it.

As she was on her knees performing oral on her boss, she felt humiliated, degraded, and ashamed.  She knew she needed the job to make ends meet, though.  Trying to forget the incident, she decided to focus on her job so that she could keep it.

Now, every time she saw her boss, she can’t help but feel disgust.  She still hasn’t forgotten what she had to do to keep her job.  No matter how much she hated it, she would do it again.

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