Suckling Mommy Makes The Day Better

When I arrived home, Tyler was playing with his trucks on the living room floor, already in his onesie and diaper.  He must’ve had a rough day at the office and needed his mommy to make him feel all better.  I watched Tyler from the doorway, my heart warming as I saw the innocence.  

I slowly walked up to him and knelt down beside him, resting a hand on his shoulder. ‘Hi my little one, I’m home,’ I said softly. ‘How was your day at work?’

Tyler turned to look at me, his eyes sad and tired.  Then turning back, he started roughly playing with his trucks providing all the answer I needed.

I hugged him tightly and asked if he would like to have snuggles with mommy.  He very excitedly said yes and looked at my perky tits, saying he was also hungry for my milk.  My little boy loves suckling from his mommy. 

Quickly changing into my favorite silk robe, Tyler quickly ran over to place his mouth on my erect nipple for a drink.

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