The Birthday Cum Load All Over Her Neighbor

Laila was feeling particularly festive for her birthday, so she decided to throw a small party at home.  However, she forgot how thin the walls were and the music was too loud for her neighbor’s liking.

Not long after the guests arrived, there was a loud knock at her door.  When Laila opened it, she found her neighbor angrily demanding she turn the music down. She scoffed, then issued a surprising response — telling him to suck her cock.

At first, there was stunned silence.  But to her surprise, the neighbor’s face lit up in excitement.  He agreed to her bold request, and before Laila knew it, he was on his knees in front of her, eagerly helping himself and unwrapping her impressive package.

As the party continued, Laila couldn’t help but feel incredibly empowered as his mouth glided up and down her shaft.  The more he swallowed her, the more excited she became.  When she shot her load all over his pretty little face, she decided this was the best birthday ever.

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