The Extra Guest In The Love Tryst

Aliyah had been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Alex, for over a year.  They had a loving and trusting relationship and she thought she knew everything about him.  That is until one night when Alex brought over a friend.

At first, Aliyah was shocked and confused when Alex said he wanted her to have sex with his friend.  She couldn’t believe that her loving boyfriend would suggest such a thing but she saw a familiar glint of desire and excitement in his eyes that immediately turned on Aliyah.

Alex’s friend, Jake, was handsome and charming.  He had a muscular build and a mischievous smile.  As he entered the room, Aliyah couldn’t help but feel a flutter of attraction towards him.

Alex explained that always fantasized about fucking Aliyah while another man was also using her.  Aliyah loved the idea of being such a slut to two guys at once!

The three of them moved to the bedroom, and Aliyah found herself getting more and more nervous as they undressed.  As Jake took her mouth, Alex slid inside her dripping pussy.  She had one orgasm after another that fateful night.  She hoped Alex had fun and would want to invite Jake over again.

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