The Freedom Of Being An Exhibitionist

Laila never wanted to conform to society’s expectations and always marched to the beat of her own drum.  So, when she discovered that she had a deep love for being naked, she embraced it with open arms.

It all started on a warm summer day after getting top surgery. Laila and her friends had gone on a trip to the beach and as soon as she felt the sand between her toes and the warm sun on her skin, she decided to ditch her bathing suit and run into the ocean naked.  The feeling of the water against her bare skin was exhilarating and Laila couldn’t help but let out a joyful scream.

From that moment on, Laila was hooked.  She loved the feeling of freedom that came with being naked.  It helped that she had a beautiful new pair of tits to match!

She would often sneak out of her room late at night, shed her clothes and run around her backyard, feeling the cool grass tickle her feet.  She would even bathe in the moonlight, completely unabashed by her body.

Laila’s love for being naked only grew stronger as she got more and more attention for her new curves.  She would often go on hikes in the mountains, shedding her clothes as soon as she was far enough from other hikers.  She loved the feeling of the sun and the wind on every inch of her body.

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