The French Maid Outfit

Aliyah stood in front of her full-length mirror, nervously straightening the frills on her short black skirt and adjusting the lace apron tied around her waist of the French maid outfit. 

Her hands shook as she held the tray with a glass of water and a plate of fruit, her heart racing with anticipation and a hint of fear.  She had always been a good girl, never straying from the rules set by her Master.  

She took a deep breath and knocked on the door, trying to steady her nerves.  A few moments later, the door opened and her Master stood before her, dressed in a sharp suit and a smirk plastered on his face.

‘Well, well, well. Look what we have here,’ he said, eyeing Aliyah up and down.  ‘Come in.’

Aliyah obeyed, feeling her cheeks flush with embarrassment as her Master shut the door behind her.  She felt ridiculous in the outfit, but at the same time, a thrill ran through her body.  She knew she was playing a game with him, and she was always willing to do anything to please.

‘Is this to your liking, Master?’ she asked, offering him the tray.

He took the glass of water from her and sipped it, keeping his eyes trained on her the entire time.

‘It’s perfect, my dear. You look so… obedient,’ he said, emphasizing the last word.

His words sent shivers down Aliyah’s spine and she could feel herself becoming more and more aroused.  

‘Do you have any other requests, Master?’ she asked, trying to hide her excitement.

Her Master put down the glass and stepped closer to her, his hand caressing her cheek.  ‘Yes, I do. Feed me the grapes into my mouth.’

‘Of course, Sir. I will do anything and everything as you wish,’ she said, trying to keep her voice steady.

A bigger smile spread across his face.

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