The Gift

Meira had been interested in exploring her Dominant side for a while, and spoke about this with her partner.  He was hesitant at first but was open to the idea.  Then, one morning, she opened her front door to find what appeared to be a package sitting on her doorstep.

Curious, she unwrapped the present to find a gorgeous man wrapped in soft silk scarves.  His face was filled with anticipation, and she could tell he was ready for whatever she had in store.

Meira felt her heart rate quicken as she looked at him.  She began removing the scarves one-by-one, softly rubbing her nails across his skin to tease him.  She could feel the power she held and couldn’t wait to fully experience this new dynamic of their relationship.

The night proceeded with Meira using the scarves in varying ways to exert her power.  Looking into his eyes, she could see how excited he was at each turn. 

Meira and her newly submissive partner had found a new dynamic to their relationship – a special bond that deepened their relationship.  “I can’t believe it took so long for me to try this!”  He whispered as he fell asleep.  A soft smile spreading across Meira’s face.

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