The New Domme

Aliyah got out of her car, feeling a surge of nervous anticipation as she arrived at the home of her new Domme.  She heard great things from a friend that lead her to make the call and Aliyah was hopeful that her Domme’s services would be exactly what she needed.

She hadn’t had it easy this week so far, and Aliyah was looking forward to leaving her stress and worries at the door of the black-wooden house.  The thought of being punished and allowed to zone-out for a while was all that was on her mind as she knocked on the door.

When it opened, the Domme standing in the doorway was even more beautiful and intimidating than Aliyah expected.  Tall and statuesque, the room seemed to come to life just due to her presence alone.

“Welcome, Aliyah.”  Her voice was smooth and calm.  “Come in and take a seat.  We’ll talk and get started as soon as you’re comfortable.”

Aliyah followed the Domme to her sitting room, in awe of all the implements hanging on her wall.  She was grateful for the chance to let go of all that plagued her and just be present in the moment.

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