The Obedient Little Submissive

As Aliyah stood in her submissive position, she felt a deep sense of pride wash over her.  She  learned to embrace her submissive nature and was grateful for the opportunity to explore it with her Master.  He had a way of bringing out the best in her and she relished every moment of it.

When the rope began to wind around her tighter, she was grateful for their dynamic being one of trust, respect, and love.  Aliyah knew that her Master would never ask her to do anything that would harm her, physically or emotionally, he just wanted her to learn and grow.  She felt safe and cherished under his care, and that was all she ever wanted.

Her thoughts were interrupted as she heard her Master’s voice calling out to her.  She lifted her head, a small smile forming on her lips as she looked into his eyes.

As she was rendered immobile, Aliyah felt a sense of peace wash over her.  This was where she belonged, at her Master’s feet, ready to serve and please him in any way he desired.  As she felt his fingers move across her body with each knot, she knew how happy her role made him.  The feeling of being bound was so freeing to both of them.

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