The Office Game

Rachel loved her job. Not just for the thrill of the corporate world, but for the young, eager interns that filled her office with their fresh energy. She was a cougar, and she played the game well.

Every day, Rachel would strut into the office, her short skirts and high heels accentuating her curves. Her low-cut tops revealed just enough to make the interns’ hearts race. She would corner them in their offices, her eyes locked on theirs, her body inching closer and closer. The tension was palpable, their pants barely containing their raging hard-ons.

Rachel would smile, knowing she had them right where she wanted them. She would make them work for it, teasing them with her sultry voice and seductive glances. She would make them earn their way into her warm, wet pussy.

One day, a particularly ambitious intern named Jack caught her eye. He was smart, confident, and knew how to play the game. He flirted back, matching her every move. Rachel was intrigued.

As the days passed, their flirtatious banter turned into a heated game of cat and mouse. Rachel would corner Jack in his office, only to find him cornering her in hers. The tension between them grew, and soon, they were both consumed by desire.

One fateful day, Jack made his move. He cornered Rachel in her office, his eyes locked on hers. He leaned in, his lips brushing against her ear as he whispered, ‘What would I need to do to get inside of you?’

Rachel’s heart raced, her breath quickening. She knew she had met her match. And so, the game began anew, with Rachel and Jack locked in a passionate dance of seduction and desire. The office would never be the same.

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