The Power And Allure Of Lace

Laila was a woman who loved nothing more than feeling beautiful and powerful.  Her favorite way to achieve this was through dressing up in delicate lace, the fabric hugging her curves in all the right places, and making her feel powerful like a deity.  

After she would be dressed in the softest of materials, she would sit on a man’s face.  She loved to suffocate them with her round ass, plopping her balls down on their face. 

Laila loved the feeling of being in control, being able to dictate his pleasure with just the flick of her hips.  Deciding when to move her lace over and reveal her erection, when she would let him take her in his mouth.

Hearing him struggle to breathe but still begging to swallow her just made her harder.  Sometimes, she would make him suffer by not letting him suck her and she would stroke her cock and cum all over his face.  That was her favorite.

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