The Summer of Kelsey

Kelsey was a young woman with a plan. She didn’t want to spend her summer working, she wanted to spend it at the pool, partying all night, and enjoying life to the fullest. But she needed money for that. So, she decided to head to the golf course, where she knew she could find a sugar daddy to take care of her every need.

As she walked onto the course, she saw an entire golf cart of potential daddies. Kelsey knew she had to make a good impression, so she flashed her smile, showed a little peek of her tight ass, and big tits, and walked over to interview them.

The first man she approached was a middle-aged businessman, who seemed to be quite impressed by her. He offered her a luxurious lifestyle, complete with designer clothes and exotic vacations. But Kelsey wasn’t sure if he was the right fit for her.

The second man was a young, handsome athlete. He promised her a summer filled with adventure and excitement. But Kelsey wasn’t sure if he could provide the financial stability she needed.

The third man was an older gentleman, who seemed to be quite wealthy. He offered her a life of luxury and comfort, but Kelsey wasn’t sure if he could keep up with her energetic lifestyle.

In the end Kelsey decided on all three. Her eyes danced and her account got fat. She was definitely ready for a summer of fun, sun, partying and getting pleased by her three new Sugar Daddy’s.

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