The Tougher They are in the Streets, The Bigger The Sissies in the Sheets

Laila loved the tough guys.  She knew most people assumed that these men were hard and unemotional, never allowing themselves to show any sort of vulnerability or tenderness; but, Laila could see beneath the tough exterior.  She saw what 99% of the world didn’t get to see – the softer side to these men, the parts of them that were afraid and unsure, that wanted to be loved and accepted for who they were – lacey lingerie and all.

She enjoyed the way they would approach the subject of their craving cock and wanting to be sissified.  Laila had an entire wardrobe filled with little outfits to dress them up in and a treasure chest of fun toys to play with, including huge dildos and all different types of chastity cages.

The tough guys always have a sweet, little girl-side that wants to be let out but just not everyone gets a chance to see that but Laila was the lucky one.

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