Topping From The Bottom

Laila’s face contorted in anger as she shouted at her submissive and paddled him harder.  ‘I told you, stop topping from the bottom!’  She was no longer amused by his attempts at controlling the scene.

Having been in the lifestyle for a few years, she was used to her submissives scared to fully give control if they haven’t before but this one had quickly taken advantage of her kind nature and tried to control every aspect of their play time.

‘I want you to understand that if these behaviors continue, we will no longer play together’ Laila continued.  She wanted him to understand the serious nature of these infractions.

The young man cowered before her, his head bowed and ashamed of his mistake.  He muttered several apologies before she finally relented.

‘This dynamic is meant, to not only have the experience in the scene but to learn and grow as a person.  Got it?’

He nodded his head in agreement, relieved that she was still willing to give him a chance.

Laila had to be firm.  This kind of behavior wasn’t okay and she had to make sure he understood.  

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