Two Submissives At Once

Meira had been a Dominatrix for several years now and had built quite a reputation for herself.  Men and women alike flocked to her for her expertise in pleasure and pain. 

One of her favorite scenes was playing with two at once, especially if it were a couple.  She enjoyed commanding and satisfying two different individuals at the same time.  It was like orchestrating a beautiful symphony, with her as the conductor.

Her latest session was a married couple of about 10 years.  They were both eager and willing to submit to Meira’s desires in a shared experience.  As they kneeled before her, Meira couldn’t help but feel a rush of excitement.  

She began by undressing them slowly while they faced each other.  Both were able to be teased by watching each other and the sensations of Meira‚Äôs touch. 

Once she was satisfied with their arousal, Meira commanded each of them to get on their knees.  She started pegging one and switching to the other.  The anticipation growing, never knowing when Meira would put her dildo in them. 

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