Tying Up Boys For Fun

Laila always had a fascination with bondage.  She loved the feeling of power and control it gave her, especially when she was in a relationship.  So when she met Jason, a tall and muscular man with a charming smile, she couldn’t wait to show him just how wild she could be!

At first, Jason was hesitant.   He had never been interested in anything other than vanilla sex, but Laila was something else.  The allure of her curves and that hard cock to now this, he was powerless to her. 

The night started with a few restraints and blindfolds but as he got more comfortable, Laila suggested something more daring.  She wanted to suspend Jason from the rafters in her bedroom.

Jason was a little unsure but Laila assured him that she would take all the precautions and he would be safe.  

Laila’s heart raced with excitement as she pulled the ropes, lifting Jason off the ground and suspending him in mid-air.  She admired her artistry and skill, seeing how his lean body was now completely at her mercy.

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