Urethral Sounding Rod Pleaure

Meira had always been a bit of an out-of-the box thinker.  This trait served her well in life.  She always had to push the boundaries to keep her experiences fresh and new.  That was how she found out about sounding rods.

Playing around with them was something she had been curious about for months, but she was finally ready to take the plunge.  She bought herself an impressive collection of the best optional sounding rods and lubricants available.

She began in her living room, sliding the first rod in and out of her submissive slowly.  He described a warm sensation radiating through his body.  He was getting lost in the sensation and before long, was pushing the boundaries.  She tried sliding the tube further up his urethra.  The added sensation was out of this world by the sound of his moans.

Meira soon found a balance between the pleasure and pain the sounding rods gave him, and it became something he couldn’t live without.

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