Use Me as Your Human Toilet

Aliyah felt both intimidated and aroused as her Master stood over her.  When he suddenly unzipped his fly, she knew exactly what to do.  Without hesitation, she opened her mouth, a gesture of her dedication and obedience to him.

The warm sensation of his pee entering her mouth was something she thought she would never experience.  Despite the repulsiveness of the act, Aliyah understood that this was a sign of her Master’s trust in her loyalty to him.  He was allowing her to physically experience his essence, and she was immensely honored to be trusted enough to receive it in such a way.

Aliyah was pleased to have satisfied her Master in this intimate gesture. She felt as if he had accepted her into his inner circle and that this meant she had passed his test of devotion to him.  She swallowed his pee with pride and a growing confidence that together they could do anything. 

After, he lifted her up and carried her over to the bed to reward her for her obedience.

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