Watching Your Cum Load Drip Through The Pantyhose

Meira had always had a bit of a pantyhose fetish.  She loved the way the sheer fabric felt against her skin, and especially the way it felt against the skin of her partner.  She liked how it clung to their body, accentuating their curves, and she found a certain pleasure in putting her lovers in the tights.  It was a secret indulgence, one she rarely shared with anyone.

But on the nights that Meira would sneak back into her room and tease herself with fantasies of her favorite pantyhose, it was a different story.  She imagined her lovers in the same silky fabric that encased her body.  As the fantasies went on, so did her desire for them to feel the same pleasure that she did when wearing the fabric.

Soon, Meira decided to take her fantasy to the next level by asking her partners to actually wear the pantyhose.  She watched in awe as the fabric hugged their bodies and as they grew aroused beneath the fabric.  She reveled in their pleasure.  When they reached their climax, she found pleasure in watching their cum drip from the sheer fabric.

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