Wear Our Cum, Like a Good Little Boy

Laila was an ambitious sadist, always on the hunt for new ways to push her submissives and take her pleasure to a higher level.  One Thursday night, she called all her trans girlfriends over.  The invitation described in detail a wonderful evening that she was planning for her newest submissive as a way to welcome him.

When her friends arrived, she gathered the group in a circle around a chair in the center of the room and played some light, melodic music.  She had her newest submissive, a young man wearing nothing but a skimpy black thong, sit in the chair.

Laila instructed her submissive to kneel at the foot of the chair and get into a suservient position.  She blindfolded him and instructed each woman to fuck his face until she was satisfied.  When they were ready, they were allowed to cum anywhere on him they wanted. 

Each woman took their turn with his pretty little mouth.  Loads of cum shooting all over.  His eyelids dripped with all the sticky jizz.

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