Whips and Chains, Oh My!

Meira was an experienced Dominatrix and enjoyed her work very much.  She reveled in the power she had over her submissives.  One client, in particular, always stood out to her.

He was a strong, alpha male whom, at first glance, appeared to be in complete control.  Yet he requested that Meira overpower him, and take control of the situation.  These were her favorite type of submissives.

They agreed on the rules and regulations of the arrangement before meeting.  From the start, Meira felt a strange and powerful connection with him.

On their first session, Meira tied him down with chains, using different clasps for a unique style that thrilled him.  She proceeded to flog him with a variety of whips that she had carefully chosen.  She could feel his satisfaction emanating from his body even as he groaned in pain.

Their sessions continued for several months, the bond between them growing deeper every time as their fantasies came alive.  

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