Worship Me! Show Me You’re Worthy!


  Worship me! Show me you’re worthy! My words hit him like a bolt of lightning as he threw himself to the floor. Groveling like the little bitch he is, asking for my mercy. Wearing only black fishnet stockings and a cock cage around that little pathetic excuse for a dick! He was on his knees looking up at me with his mouth wide open begging for a treat. I decided to give it to him! I spit in his mouth and told my bitch to swallow. Reggie has been perving on me ever since I moved into the apartment next to his. Before we had even met I was forewarned that he was a creep. For the most part I never saw him. After a while of living there I started noticing things were out of place.

My bedroom window would be open when I was certain I had it closed. My panties and bras started to go missing. Once I even found one of my dresses in my dirty hamper that I was certain I had not wore yet. What made it weirder was my dress would have a yucky white spot on it. I knew something was wrong! But what was I gonna do about it? One afternoon I came home early. I went into my bedroom and got the shock of my life! In front of my mirror stood my neighbor Reggie wearing my black fishnet stockings, and a cock cage that I have never seen before. He did not have anything else on. I noticed the key to his cage on my bed so I grabbed it. I was in control now! I told the pervert to get on his fucking knees.

He Worshiped Me 

          He looked good on his knees ‘worship me you sniveling little shit ‘ I belted out at him. I don’t know what came over me. I just knew I was going to make him my bitch. That afternoon I did all kinds of nasty things to the stranger in my bedroom. He now visits me on the daily for our sessions. I still have his key.

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