Worshipping At The Feet Of Your Domme

Laila loved stilettos – There was something about the way they elongated her legs and added an air of power to her already beautiful frame.  She felt like a different person when she slipped on a pair of beautiful pumps, like she could conquer the world with each step.

It wasn’t just about the shoes themselves, though, it was also about the reaction they would get from others.  Men, in particular, would stare at her feet in awe as she walked by, their eyes glazing over with desire. Some even went as far as dropping to their knees to worship her feet, much to her amusement.

Laila loved the attention and the power that came with wearing stilettos. She felt like a deity, With the men around her were mere mortals begging for her affection.

She loved having men on their knees rubbing her feet, begging to suck on her toes.  She derived much pleasure from having her toes sucked and she could see by each of their boners, they enjoyed it, too!

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